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2044 - 2065: “The Thin Veneer of Society Splinters and Cracks…”

Small wars erupt around the world over the control of the world’s ever diminishing supply of petroleum. Smaller nations begin to form regional unions in an effort to keep their resources safe from the now rampaging world super powers.

2065 - 2072: “Let Loose the Dogs of Global War…”

China, now desperate to supply their resource starved citizens with fuel, invades several South American Countries resulting in the collapse of Central America’s government. Central America re-emerges as two sovereign nations split between Guatemala and Honduras (El Salvador is claimed by China) -Russia invades the UK in the fall of 2069 for what remains of their natural resources, prompting the United States to go to war with Russia. American Forces however, having been financially drained from the wars of the previous decades, annex Canada and institutes a draft thus forcing Canadians to enlist in the war against the New Russian Federation.

2072 - 2072: “The End of Days…”

October 24th, 2072: Global Nuclear attacks occur. Most records from this day were destroyed in the Great War or in the century of anarchy which followed, soothe knowledge of who fired first has been lost to history; the effect of the war is still all too clear however. Within hours of the first detonation, all of the world’s major cities were destroyed. Their political leaders and societies destroyed, those few who survived this final conflict quickly fell into chaos. It takes years, but slowly the survivors begin to band together in loose tribes on the lands not rendered uninhabitable by radiation which become known as the “Badlands”. Though the inhabitants of the Badlands suffer constantly and many suffer from disfiguring mutations, they do manage to maintain some of their lost humanity.

2072 - 2122: “The End of the Beginning…”

50 years after the Great War burned the skies and scorched the earth, several thousand survivors are forced from the safety of their massive underground fallout shelters around the world due to a lack of food and clean water. The descendants of the Old World’s financial elite, these survivors were able to band together many of the near feral tribes that came to sparsely populate the Badlands. Small regional governments begin to form in Central Europe, and eventually The Legion is formed out of the ashes of Europe’s varied societies.

As the sheltered survivors of America and Canada emerge, they too begin to forge a new society upon the remains of the Old World. Soon after the Western fallout shelters open, the New Canadian Federation (NCF) is born. Made up of what remains of the Canadian provinces and Northern States, the NCF has more resources than the Legion, but is populated by fewer survivors.

-– Present: “Old Habits…”

Under the direction of the Legion, several machines of war have been rediscovered in Europe. The Legion’s resources are stretched thin however, and they have sent several recon teams to the West in search of more resources. The Legion is now aware of the NCF’s existence, as well as the relative wealth of resources the NCF possess. For the first time in a century, war looms on humanity’s horizon… seemingly doomed to wipe themselves out, one can’t help but wonder if humanity can survive yet another conflict… or if it’s even still worthy of survival at all.

The War for Water is upon us. Choose your side and sign up today!

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Warriors in the Woods 2012

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